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Terms and Conditions
Thank you so much for your interest and patronage at Botanica United States. We take pride and pleasure in providing you with a beautiful selection of tropical exotic plants. 

All shipments will include insurance (only for lost packages by carrier),  insures if a package is lost, or if the item in the box is damaged because the box was damaged, please keep in mind dead plants due to delays is not covered and therefor upgrading to express is still highly recommended at this time. dead plants due to delays are not covered by insurance and are not shop responsibly, buying perishable by mail is a high risk, and a customer is agreeing to assuming the risk by purchasing. Filling claim with USPS is 100% customer’s responsibility, the shop will not file a claim but will 100% assets in doing so.

Please allow up to 10  business days for us to process and ship. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number from Botanica United States and from PayPal. 

We now have Priority Mail-Express Shipping and UPS available. If you would like your plant to be shipped Express, or UPS please do not forget to add  "Shipping Upgrade” to your order.  All other orders will default to priority mail shipping or 3 day UPS which are complementary with your purchase unless otherwise indicated.. 
Weather and extreme temperatures can affect the condition of your plants, while we reserve the right not to ship during extreme weather, it is your responsibility to know to keep up with your local weather conditions. We can hold a plant and ship later as per your request. we are not responsible for any damages that are caused by severe weather 
Heat packs, and cold weather kits are available to add to your order and are highly recommended. 

All is shipped barerooted, wrapped with dry moss in the winter, and wet moss in the summer and any thing in between the rest of the year, we decide on the best method to ship as we are preparing to ship, depending on current temperature,  and the plant we are shipping. 

Availability :
if not listed on my site, chances are, i do not have it. I do get new shipments once to 2 times a week, so please check the site periodically for updates and new listings. 

Live Plant Guarantee ( i must be informed immediately upon arrival if there are any issues) post office stamps time of arrival , i need to be informed right then and there. 
We ensure to package your plant with great care. Most plants will ship bare root in slightly moist sphagnum moss, paper, and plastic to protect them. The decision is based on various factors, such as plant size, type, and time of year. The plant you are purchasing is the exact plant in the picture in most cases. Unless there are many of the same kind, then you will receive a plant that is similar in size, color, height and condition to the picture in the description. Larger, more costly specimens will be the exact plant in picture. We do our best to show all sides of the plant including any existing cosmetic damages.  most of my plants are imported, they arrive with very little to no roots, i do acclimate them, and grow then util they have enough roots to support, ill never send any plant out without making sure it has what it needs to survive, but do not expect a pot worth of roots with ever single plant. scratches, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, tears, yellowing to the leaf, spots, all natural things that occur to any thing that are alive, specially when grown outside in their natural environment,  so please expected. minor changes to the plant form time i take the pictures and until its shipped are excepted to happen, such as a damage or a loss of leaf, you are not buying a leaf, you are buying a plant, which will have leaves dying and growing constantly , its part of plant life cycle. 
While we do our best to package carefully, we cannot control how the package is handled once it leaves us.  Cosmetic damages to the plant may occur, such as a broken or bruised leaves or petioles, some dry or dead roots. This does not mean your plant is dead or dying. Exotic plants don’t always like being shipped deprived from light and temperature changes so this is not uncommon. Give your plant time to acclimate to your home. Take your time in repotting and hydrating the plant, . and once the shock of its long journey is over and it will happy and thriving. not every plant will come out of the box looking like its photo-shoot perfect plant,  some do not tolerate shipping well and need time to recover, if you are not welling to give it time to recover form shipping please do not order. there is a difference between recovery and rehab, rehab plants will be sold discounted, on sale, clearance, ext. 
Some plants may go “dormant” during the colder/darker winter months. The plants are not dead, usually it is working on its roots system and getting ready for the warmer months. Many tropical plants would not go “dormant” in their natural tropical environment, but these are adaptations we must make to keep these beautiful exotics in our homes.
Plant Identification
We do our best to identify the species of the specimens we sell. The plants are labeled according to the originating source nurseries/sellers. Please do your own research, we provide pictures of the plants and while we don’t mean to misidentify, it can happen sometimes. We will not refund due to this reason; all sales are final. (including but not limited to cuttings, nubs, and seeds) 
Clearance/Marked Down Plants/Items
All clearance/marked down items/plants are sold “as is” and all sales are final. Prices reflect some damages, smaller size, fewer leaves, stumps, cuttings, nubs, blemishes, need for extra TLC, need to root, ext. Some damaged leaves may not make it through shipping or before it is shipped, but the plants are still viable and will grow many new healthy leaves once given the proper care. If you are not experienced in aroids and/or rare plants, proceed with caution, you do this at your own risk. 
Refund Policy
You can cancel your order at any time before the order is shipped. Once the order is shipped, we do not refund unless the is dead on arrival. If your plant arrives in this condition or any other issues, please contact us immediately with photographs of the damages. 
Plants left outside in the cold or heat is not in our control. Please be aware when your plant is arriving using the tracking.

please make sure all communtmicions are done via my site , special instructions should be included at the time of check out, and not after, in the even an order is placed and something came up, and must be changed, please make sure its done via my site, and not messenger, facebook, or instagram. i get over 400 messages a day all over the place, and its very difficult to track and connect the dots. messages outside my site will not be honored in case of a dispute. 

If there is a dispute with the quality of the plant, identification of the plant, or any other issues, and we determine that a refund is in order, we may ask for the plant to be shipped back to us prior to issuing a refund. Botanica United States does NOT cover any return shipping cost.
In any case that a refund is issued, a 20% restock may be deducted from the overall refund prior to issuance. its the customers responsibility to obtain materials needed to wrap, and box the returned plants, to insure quality shipping, items will be inspected upon arrival, damages that are caused due to negligent and improper packing will incur additional deductions. buyers pays for all shipping associated with the order. SHIPT TO 3991 Pioneer lane panama city, FL 32404 , returns are expected to take place within 24hours of approval  and via priority shipping only and not first class, failure to do so may rustle in more damages to the plant and that in return will result in more deductions. 

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